A Review of Cosmetic Eyelid Surgery: Important Facts about Cosmetic Eyelid Surgery

Do you want to get rid of those bags under your eyes? If yes, then you might want to opt for cosmetic eyelid surgery. This type of surgical procedure is also called eye lift or blepharoplasty. There are many reasons as to why a lot of individuals prefer to undergo cosmetic eyelid surgery. One of these main reasons is to restore the youthful appearance of their eyes. In performing this surgery, the bagginess present on the lower eyelids as well as the excess drooping skin of the upper eyelids will be eliminated.

The Procedure Involved in Performing Cosmetic Eyelid Surgery

Cosmetic eyelid surgery involves the removal of underlying and accumulated fatty tissues, excess skin and excess muscle. While blepharoplasty is considered mainly as a type of cosmetic procedure, this surgery is also used to improve the eyesight of many older patients. This method is used to restore any lost vision caused by sagging and drooping eyelids that results in the obstruction of vision among seniors. However, it is important to note that this type of surgical procedure will not remove the dark circles surrounding the eyes, crow’s feet, or other fine facial wrinkles.

How Cosmetic Eyelid Surgery treats the Aging Process of the Eyelids

As a person’s skin ages, its elasticity is gradually lost. When lack of skin elasticity occurs, combined with the effects of the pull of gravity, excessive skin is collected in both the upper and the lower eyelids. The excess skin that accumulates in the lower eyelid can result in bulges and wrinkles, while excessive skin on the upper eyelids will result in an extra skin fold that can obstruct vision.

Bulges in both the upper and the lower eyelids can also be caused by the fat that serves as a cushion of the eyeballs from the skull.  When the membrane that keeps the fat in place weakens due to aging, the fat will protrude into the lids, causing bulges to appear and obstruct the vision of a person. By undergoing cosmetic eyelid surgery, this will help eliminate these causes to bring back not only the youthful appearance of the eyes, but also its vision.

The Eyelid Conditions that can be treated with Cosmetic Eyelid Surgery

Cosmetic Eyelid SurgeryCosmetic eyelid surgery can improve the appearance of the lower eyelids, the upper eyelids, or both eyelids. However, it is important to note that not all eyelid conditions can be treated effectively. Before seeking the advice of your doctor, you should do your research first in order to find out if undergoing this type of surgical process will help you or not.

  • Cosmetic eyelid surgery can be used to treat impaired vision due to loose, hanging or sagging skin that creates skin folds.
  • Impaired vision due to the sagging or loose skin that hangs over and disrupts the contour of the upper eyelids can also be corrected by cosmetic blepharoplasty.
  • This type of surgical procedure can remove the puffiness surrounding the upper eyelids by eliminating the excess fatty tissue that has accumulated over time.
  • Fine wrinkles and excess skin on the lower eyelid can be removed by undergoing lower eyelid surgery.
  • Bagging under the eyes, which are more popularly known as “eye bags” can also be treated and removed by cosmetic eyelid surgery.
  • Droopiness of the lower eyelids which results in the white portion of the eye below the iris being revealed can also be corrected by lower cosmetic eyelid surgery.

The Best Candidates for Cosmetic Eyelid Surgery

While cosmetic eyelid surgery is a minimally invasive surgical procedure, not everyone is recommended to undergo this type of cosmetic method. If you are one of the people listed below, then you should consider going for cosmetic blepharoplasty.
Cosmetic Eyelid Surgery Picture

  • The best candidates for cosmetic eyelid surgery are those who are physically and mentally healthy.
  • People who have realistic expectations from this type of surgery can benefit from having a boost in their self esteem and self confidence.
  • Most of the patients who undergo eyelid surgery are aged 35 or above.
  • For individuals who have hereditary droopy eyelids or baggy eyelids, they can still choose to undergo this type of procedure at an earlier age.
  • Non-smokers are also good candidates for cosmetic eyelid surgery.
  • Individuals who are not suffering from major health conditions or life threatening diseases can undergo cosmetic blepharoplasty.
  • People who have specific goals and a positive outlook for undergoing eyelid surgery are also good candidates.
  • Patients who are not suffering from serious eye problems can also go for this type of surgery.

Medical Conditions that Surgeons Should Know about before Performing Cosmetic Eyelid Surgery

If you would like to undergo cosmetic eyelid surgery, there are some things that you should inform your doctor about. There are certain health problems that can be aggravated when surgery is performed on a patient suffering from these existing medical conditions. If you have an eye disease such as a detached retina, dry eye or glaucoma, you should inform your doctor about this if you plan on going for blepharoplasty. This is the same for patients with thyroid disorders such as over or underactive thyroid and Grave’s disease. Patients of cardiovascular diseases such as hypertension or other disorders of the circulatory system and/or diabetes should also inform their doctors about their health condition.

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